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LLDPE STRETCH FILM detail information


SML delivered a stretch-wrapping film production line for Orbita Films in Germany last October. In order to provide the market with special stretch-wrapping films of various sizes ranging from 250 mm to 700 mm in width, there is an urgent need for a production line that has versatility and can often change the width of the film in a very short period of time.

This set of equipment consists of five extruders and can produce 2000 kilograms of 2,500 mm wide 5-layer stretch film per hour. According to the width of the production line, the maximum extrusion volume is 4500 kg/hour, and the annual output can reach 36,000 tons. The production line adopts a die head package system to reduce the necking of the film and ensure the stable production of film products at high speed. The system ensures that the same raw material is always placed on the edge of the melt film, ensuring that the melt at the edge of the film head is in the same production environment.

During production, some of the air is entrained along the surface of the film into the reel being wound, which can adversely affect the quality of the reel. The higher the speed, the greater this negative effect. Due to the difference in the location of the adhesive layer, the roughness of the inner and outer surfaces of the film may be different, and the entrainment of air on the inner and outer surfaces may also be affected. In response, SML's winder incorporates a planetary roller system that adjusts the winding angle of the film relative to the contact roll to prevent air ingress and eliminate the negative impact of entrained air on the film rewind.

The SML line can be wound up to 450mm or 800mm in diameter, and then manually stretched to a 1.5-inch or 2-inch core. When changing the roll, the new roll automatically completes the roll change with a special basket structure that is compatible with 3-inch and 6-inch take-up reels, without the aid of any tape, glue, or electrostatic device.

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